Springing Back

It’s been over a month since my last post and I am back riding the rails to San Diego this Monday morning. Woo hoo…. UCSD has started it’s Spring Quarter last week and SDSU is coming back from Spring Break this week. So Spring and newness are in the air. My yoga tape uses an expression of “soft eyes” as a way to greet the day. Spring feels like that – gazing with soft eyes. I love the feeling of being viewed with soft eyes, probably because there is no feeling of judgment. I like what I see when I choose to gaze out at the world with soft eyes. This kind of POV goes hand in hand with another phrase I love to live with….the beginner’s mind. Haven’t you been with someone who is very accomplished, and yet who approaches life with this kind of open, new perspective? It’s such a rich view of the world – even playful. And very energizing. So I hope to join with my students and explore our topics with eyes that can see infinite possibilities of newness…so we can spring forth, with lots of joy, to what calls us out to play today!


One thought on “Springing Back

  1. Martha, I finally got to your blog and love this reminder of what we talked about. The concept of “soft eyes” is a new one for me, and I like the non-judgment it represents. Your students are very fortunate to have a professor who is so interested in and dedicated to their learning.

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